Child Support Modifications

Can child support be modified?

Absolutely! Whenever a party's income has experienced a change, child support can be modified.

If you want to change your child support payment, you MUST go through the proper legal process to do so. If you just start paying less without going to court, you can be forced to pay the difference later on, plus interest and the cost of collections.

Speak with an attorney today to discuss changes to your child support amount.

Are consultations about child support free?

Yes, and they always will be. Speak with an attorney today and get the answers you need.

How much child support will I pay?

In the vast majority of cases, child support is set by the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines, which is essentially a mathematical formula created by the Oklahoma Legislature. The formula considers:

  • The gross monthly income of each party;
  • The number of children the parties have together;
  • The number of children living in each home, who aren't of the marriage;
  • The number of overnights out of the year that each parent receives;
  • The cost of daycare and healthcare;
  • The cost of any ongoing medical treatment;
  • Court ordered child support in other cases;
  • Court ordered alimony paid in other cases;

Various child support estimators exist online. The Oklahoma Dept. of Human Services estimator is located here.

Speak with a divorce attorney today to discuss your potential for child support.

Can my ex and I agree to a different amount?

Yes, you can. Note that you have to have a reason why you are not using the Guidelines, which the Judge has to sign off on. The Child Support Guidelines are presumed to be correct in Oklahoma.