Visitation Modifications

Can child visitation be modified?

Absolutely. Where a parent has changed jobs, or is moving, or some other material change in circumstance has occurred, visitation orders can be modified to fit the new reality. Speak with an attorney today to discuss modification of your visitation schedule.

Are consultations about child visitation free?

Yes, and they always will be. Speak with an attorney today and get the answers you need.

How does child visitation in Oklahoma work?

Child Visitation is the schedule that sets out who the children will be staying with, what days they will be staying there, where the child will be exchanged, and what to do for holidays and other special events.

Child Custody is something totally different: that is how decisions about the child's life are made. Read more about child custody here.

What is Standard Minimum Visitation?

Standard Minimum Visitation is what most non-custodial parents have in Oklahoma. The schedule typically involves a visit every other weekend, and a dinner or overnight visit on Wednesdays. It is called “standard minimum” because it is both the “standard” and it is the “minimum” amount of visitation a Court can grant in Oklahoma, unless there are allegations of drug and alcohol abuse, violence, or other inappropriate behavior.

Can my ex and I agree to a different visitation schedule?

Yes. Sometimes, the logistics of each parent's work schedule makes Standard Minimum visitation unworkable. Examples of alternative visitation arrangements include:

  • Every weekend
  • One week on, one week off
  • four days on, three days off
  • Summer and holidays only (for long distance parents)
  • "Birds Nest", where the children stay in one home and the parents move in and out

Speak with an attorney today to discuss your visitation schedule posibilities.

What about supervised visitation?

Supervised visitation exists to protect children in situations where one parent is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, or where there are allegations of domestic or sexual violence.

Generally, supervised visits occur from one to four hours, in a safe and public location. The supervised parent normally has to pay for the cost of the supervisor, who is a third party that can be trusted. Supervisors can be family members, or state officials like off-duty police officers and DHS workers, but they must be court-approved.

Speak with an attorney today to discuss whether or not supervised visitation is appropriate in your situation.