Flat Fee Contested Divorce

How does a contested divorce work?

First, we will put together the divorce filing and serve your ex with the paperwork.
Second, we will appear at the initial court date, normally about 30 days out. This is called a temporary order hearing, and the Judge will make temporary orders with an eye toward keeping everything stable while the divorce is ongoing.
Third, we will engage in discovery, where documents, evidence, and questionnaires are exchanged by both parties.
Fourth, we will set a final trial date with the Judge, and at trial, the Judge will decide and finalize all issues that remain.

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How does a flat fee work in a divorce?

You pay $1000 down, to get the case opened. Afterwards, you pay $450/month until your balance is paid off. No surprise billings, no other fees, and no confusion. It's that simple.

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Are consultations free?

Yes, and they always will be. Give us a call and get the answers you need.

How does child custody, visitation, and support work?

Get important details at our in-depth articles:

How are property, assets, and debts divided?

Courts in Oklahoma are required to divide them “equitably”, which is a legal term of art focusing on fairness, not necessarily an even 50/50 split.

As an example, if the children have lived in one home their entire life, and are successful at a school which is close to that home, the parent who has the most time with the children might be given the home, to prevent disruption to the children. They might also be given a car to transport the children in, even if there are no other assets that can be given to the other parent, to even things out.

That isn't necessarily "fair" in the sense of being an exact, 50/50 split, but it puts the children's welfare first, which is what Oklahoma Courts are generally interested in doing.

The flip side of this is that debt tends to follow property, and so whoever is awarded the home or a vehicle is generally “awarded” the debt on it as well.

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I am already divorced. Is it possible to modify the terms of my divorce decree?

Yes, most provisions of a Decree can be modified, including:

Generally speaking, Oklahoma law requires any modification request to show that there has been a "permanent, substantial, and material change of circumstances", which "directly affects the best interests of the minor child", and that "as a result of our proposed changes, the child would be substantially better off."

There are some situations in which this requirement does not apply, and it is important to know that some property orders can never be modified.

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My ex is not complying with our Decree. Is there anything I can do?

Yes, there are several kinds of motions that can be filed, all which ask the Judge to enforce various parts of the Decree. These situations are complicated enough that we recommend you call us, and setup a free consultation.

What is the difference between a contested divorce and mediated divorce?

In a mediated divorce, parties come together and try to agree to the details of their divorce.

In a contested divorce, parties cannot agree on how to move forward, and all issues are litigated in court.