Flat Fee Mediated Divorce

What is a mediated divorce?

A mediated divorce is where a neutral third party, the attorney mediator, helps people resolve a divorce without a fight, by coming to an agreement on all issues.

That's the critical difference in a mediated divorce: the attorney doesn't represent either party - they are neutral, and working hard with both parties to come to an equitable solution for everyone.

A mediated divorce can save your family tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees, and the emotionally difficult experience of a contested divorce, both for the parents and the children. Mediators are special, because they don't represent either party. They are also attorneys, and they can advise both sides on the ups and downs of any potential agreement. An attorney mediator works hard towards finding an agreement that works for everyone, not just one side.

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How does the mediation process work?

First, we interview each person separately, to get a general understanding of the issues in the case: child custody, child support, visitation, property, assets and debts, and anything unique to your situation.

Second, we will hold the mediation itself, and both parties will appear at our offices in Oklahoma City and work towards an agreement. Third, after an agreement is reached, we will put together the divorce filing and arrange a court date to finalize the relationship.

Speak directly with one of our attorney mediators today to see if you qualify.

How long does the mediated divorce process take?

  • If there are no children of the marriage, you can be divorced in as little as 10 days.
  • If there are children, the minimum wait required by Oklahoma law is 90 days.

Are consultations free?

Yes, and they always will be. You can consult with us by phone or in the office, whichever you prefer. Give us a call today and get the answers you need.

How does child custody, visitation, and support work?

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How are property, assets, and debts divided?

Courts in Oklahoma are required to divide them “equitably”, which is a legal term of art focusing on fairness, not necessarily an even 50/50 split.

As an example, if the children have lived in one home their entire life, and are successful at a school which is close to that home, the parent who has the most time with the children might be given the home, to prevent disruption to the children. They might also be given a car to transport the children in, even if there are no other assets to be given to the other parent to even things out.

That isn't necessarily "fair" in the sense of being an exact, 50/50 split, but it puts the children's welfare first, which is what the Oklahoma Courts are generally interested in doing.

The flip side of this is that debt tends to follow property, and so whoever is awarded the home or a vehicle is generally “awarded” the debt on it as well.

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What other issues can be resolved in a mediated divorce?

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Visitation and Living Arrangements
  • Property & Vehicles
  • Bank Accounts, Brokerage Accounts, and Retirement
  • Credit Cards and other Debts
  • Family Businesses
  • Alimony & Alimony in Lieu of Property
  • Protective Orders

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